This is an operating system that I’m working on for fun, and based off Linux. It is specifically based on build-root which starts at about a couple of megabytes, and is a fully stripped bare bones linux which is typically used with embedded linux devices. I’m using some interesting tools, the virtual machine is fully shipped through the browser. I’m trying to add some fun tools, and I’m working on networking the virtual machine to the internet. For now, it just runs in the browser. I added a project binary that i wrote in go, but it’s not going to work properly until I add network support which will be a fun next step in this experiment.


I think since build-root is what Microsoft uses for WSL there are some amazing applications available. Eventually, I would like to see about deploying some Kubernetes cluster nodes based on build-root. I think it might be an amazing learning process. Initially, I was thinking that maybe offering an operating system based chat application might be pretty cool - at least in terms of web deployment. For example, I could add irssi to the virtual machine, however a Kubernetes based Linux node would be such a real valuable thing for me to try out - since build-root can be used on bare metal [ essentially: embedded linux ]. Containers have made development in the last few years such an awesome process. Some downsides are that i need to start thinking about maybe building a package manager - there is an insane level of security safety since build-root doesn’t have a package manager included. DevOps is so awesome!!


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