I'm a developer.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

This site was written in GoLang and parses markdown files, and the binary started from an open-sourced project that I really like.

I write markdown files in vim over ssh and some html/js/css when I feel that it's needed.

I've migrated my site from a React app that I built into a more minimalist style.

I like the simple style (no containerization, just systemctl --user start website.service), and I still get to do cool things with the way things are currently designed.

Everything you see here is running on a personal private server behind a slick VLAN and beefy firewall. It's a relatively custom stack - no cloud services here.

I am not using cloud here simply because I feel like it's good practice for developers to run their own stack. Not always, but sometimes. ;-)

I might move everything over to AWS or GCP. :-)


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